9th Annual Turkey Drive

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The Vision.


Thank you for your interest in joining us for our inguinal year. The BossLife Foundation (BLF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 2015 to focus greater attention on research and educating the specifically in low income communities. BLF also dedicated to education programs, training and career path mentoring to help the youth.

Our focus is on the youth 8 – 24 because statistics have shown that this age group faces some of the most difficult times in making its past obstacles that plague our young men.

The BossLife Foundation would like to offer a quality of training geared to better prepare our young men, for more than just the traditional athlete or entertainer (which is game of chance). We have developed a strong group of minds (our think tank) prepared to organize the necessary step in providing next level educational tools in the world of employment, self-worth, parenting skills, self-growth, and unity as well as being good fathers and sons to our future families.



Our goal is to donate 10 students $5000 scholarships to assist in the continuing learning decision after high school graduation. This is in line with our future to open a trade school to assist those which may not be interested in the traditional college platform but, wants to be a skilled worker. This school will be funded by the foundation in conjunction with other organizations.




Turkey Drive.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Swipe left for photos from the 9th Annual Thanksgiving Drive held on Wednesday Nov 22  4-7pm with  @slimthug and  @jdawgthayunghogg Special THANK YOU TO  @burnsoriginalbbq, desert by  @kake_ladi and  @justsaycheesephotobooth@sugarrushtoo_veterans, Moonwalk provided by  @skyhighpartyrentals. Sponsored by @bosslifeworldwide  @jghollinsbuilders  @justinthelawyer  @979thebox  @gregthagemini@husl_lifestyle_apparel  @lasting_empressions